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The overarching goal of our research is to provide a better understanding of how the brain supports perception, action and attention and how these processes interact. Importantly we also investigate how these abilities are affected by aging and brain disease (stroke, neurodegenerative disorders).


Ultimately, our work aims to improve clinical practice in brain disease through the application of cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience models and methods [e.g., lesion-symptom mapping, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); motion-tracking] to identify sensitive biomarkers of neurological recovery and test the efficacy of neurorehabilitation methods targeting cognitive deficits.

You can find a copy of our lab guide here.


Our work has received funding from a number sources including: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, BIAL Foundation, National Institutes of Health Research, Stroke Association, Dunhill Medical Trust, British Academy, Experimental Psychology Society and Medical Research Scotland.


Major national and international collaborators:

  • Dr. Fraser W. Smith (PSY, UEA, UK)

  • Prof. Valerie Pomeroy (HSC, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. Allan Clark (MED, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. Laura Biggart (PSY, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. Aaron Bostrom (CMP, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. George Malcolm (PSY, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. Mintao Zhao (PSY, UEA. UK)

  • Prof. Michael Hornberger (MED, UEA, UK)

  • Dr. Catherine Ford (MED, UEA, UK)

  • Prof. Robert D. McIntosh (University of Edinburgh, UK)

  • Prof. Jon Evans (University of Glasgow, UK)

  • Prof. Chris Baker (NIMH, USA)

  • Prof. Wilma A. Bainbridge (University of Chicago, USA)

  • Prof. Vincenzo Romei (University of Bologna, Italy)

  • Dr. Gavin Buckingham (University of Exeter, UK)

  • Dr. Arran Reader (University of Stirling, UK)

  • Evolv Rehabilitation Technologies (Bilbao, Spain) - industry partner

  • Animorph co-op (London, UK) - industry partner

Our research is funded by some of these funding bodies:

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